Tres Ritos Lodge

Pet Policy

Tres Ritos Lodge
Pet Deposit Policy

  1. Only small pets allowed (under 40 pounds).
  2. When pets are on Tres Ritos Lodge property they shall be leashed, and when they are in cabin units they shall be kenneled.
  3. If a guest reserves a cabin unit with cash or check, a $100 cash deposit (no checks accepted for pet deposit) will be required upon arrival, and will be reimbursed (minus damages – minimum $25) after inspection of the cabin unit by the management.
  4. If a guest reserves their cabin unit with a credit card, any damages to the cabin unit by a pet will be charged to their credit card (minimum $25). A charge receipt will then be given to or mailed to the guest notifying them of the damage and the resulting charge to correct the damage.
  5. The guest reserving the cabin unit takes full responsibility for any damage done by their guests/pets.
  6. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.
  7. The owner retains the right to refuse reservations to anyone based on previous pet damage history.

This policy shall be effective May 31st, 2003.

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